Jamie Brehaut – 15 ways to optimize feedback – 29 ottobre 2020

15 ways to optimize feedback | Second online meeting | October 29th | Time: 15.30-17.15

15.40 – Jamie Brehaut,  Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, University of Ottawa

15 ways to optimize feedback

This session will discuss some of the challenges of designing effective Audit and Feedback interventions that actually result in improvements in practice, using real-world examples of effective (and ineffective) feedback interventions. We will discuss 15 ‘low-hanging fruit’ suggestions based on the Brehaut et al (2016) paper, and a range of ways in which they might be implemented.

Key points from the presentation:

  • Effective A&F interventions can be deceptively difficult
  • We have a limited understanding of the mechanisms by which effective A&F interventions work
  • Nevertheless, there are some clear ways in which A&F intervention can be optimized
  • Implementing these optimizations takes careful thought within the specific contexts for which the feedback is being designed

Key readings 

  1. Brehaut J, Colquhoum H, Eva K, et al. Practice feedback interventions: 15 suggestions for optimizing effectiveness. Annals of Internal Medicine 2016;164(3):435-41
  2. Colquhoun HL, Carroll K, Eva KW, et al. Advancing the literature on designing audit and feedback interventions: identifying theory-informed hypotheses. Implementation Sci 2017; 12117.